Soup of the day 5.9


Toasted ciabatta bread topped with freshly chopped tomatoes, marinated in olive oil, red onion,
garlic, basil and oregano 4.9

Stuffed Mushrooms(v)

Oven baked flat mushroom filled with peppers, tomato, chilli, parsley, garlic topped with cheddar cheese 6.9

Zucchini fritte(v)

Deep fried Zucchini sticks with yogurt sauce 6.9

Deep fried squid served with mixed leaves and tartar sauce

                                                                                                          Mussels soup
                                                                                Fresh Mussels in tomato, garlic and wine sauce 7.9

Gamberoni Aglio
Pan fried King prawns cooked in white wine, chilli garlic and tomato sauce 9.9

Salsiccia Toscana
Grilled Tuscan sausage with sun dried tomato in a bed of rocket 7.9


Burrata cheese on a salad of cherry tomatoes, diced cucumber and strawberries 7.9






 Goat’s cheese (V)

Grilled goat’s cheese served with rocket salad,cucumber, sundried tomatoes,walnuts,

red onion and truffle dressing 7.90

Tuna Salad

 Tuna chunk, boiled new potatoes ,carrots,cherry tomatoes,sweet corn drizzled with olive oil

and lemon juice 8.90


Chicken and Mango

 Grilled chicken breast ,diced mango with lettuce ,rocket ,strawberries,cherry tomatoes and

walnuts 10.90


Caprese  Salad

                                                          Buffalo mozzarella,vine tomatoes and basil dressing 5.90





 Bella Burger

Grilled homemade burger with cheddar cheese served with homemade chips or mixed salad 11.9

Pollo Tricolore

Grilled chicken breast, melted buffalo mozzarella avocado, tomatoe sauce,  served with broccoli 13.5

Chicken Escalope

Pan-fried and breaded chicken breast with homemade chips or salad 11.9

Ribeye Steak

      8 oz ribeye steak served with new potatoes and peppercorn  sauce 16.9



  Tuna Fillet steak

        Pan seared tuna steak in garlic , chilli and white wine sauce served with new potatoes ,cherry tomatoes                                                                                                                          asparagus and tomato sauce 16.9


Cod fillet served with grilled asparagus, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce 12.9

Salmon Fillet

Pan-fried salmon fillet served with asparagus, new potatoes and cherry tomatoes   13.9

Sea Bass Fillet

Sea Bass fillet topped with a homemade orange sauce with a side of roasted vegetables 14.5



   Veggie Sharing Platter (v)

           Veggie sausages, fried cauliflower, crumbed halloumi sticks, homemade chips, sliced avocado,                                                                                                                            pitta bread, hummus and tzatziki 12.9                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

 Meat Sharing Plater     

                    Grilled chicken breast ,Italian sausages ,pork ribs, sliced avocado ,homemade chips,                                                                                                                                                 pitta bread ,hummus and tzatziki 14.9

 Fish Sharing Plater       

         Deep fried calamari , king prawns ,grilled scampi , grilled mackerel served with garlic sauce                                                                                                                                     and sweet chilli sauce 17.9


Penne arrabbiata (v)

Short tube of pasta with tomato sauce, touch of chilli and garlic 8.9

Gnocchi (v)

Italian potato gnocchi served with green pesto and Parmesan cheese 8.9

Linguine ai gamberi
 Linguine pasta and king prawns in a garlic, cherry tomato, chilli and white wine sauce 12.9

Penne alla Rustica
Penne pasta cooked with pork Italian sausage, garlic, chilli and tomato sauce 10.9

Spaghetti frutti di Mare
A mixed seafood pasta with mussels, prawns and clams in a creamy sauce 13.9

Spaghetti alla Carbonara
 Spaghetti served with bacon lardons, double cream and egg yolk 9.9


Fresh Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli on fresh tomato sauce and basil  10.9


Risotto Zucchine (v)
Arborio rice slowly cooked with courgettes, mushrooms, peas, garlic and fresh  herbs 9.9

Risotto alla Marinara

Arborio rice slowly cooked with mixed seafood, cherry tomatoes garlic and fresh herbs 13.0


Tiramisu                                          5.9

Chocolate Brownie                         5.9

Panna cotta                                     4.9

Mix ice cream (mixed flavours)    4.9




Espresso        1.8

Double espresso  2.3

Macchiato     2.3

Americano    2

Cappuccino  2.5

Café latte      2.5

Tea                2.5

Fresh Mint Tea  2.5



Homemade chips   2.9

Roasted vegetables   3.9

Olives    2.9

Broccoli   3.9

Spinach  3.9 

Rocket Salad (v) 3.9

Green beans 3.9


Please be aware that some dishes may contain nut traces.
If you have any specific allergies or require vegetarian options, please inform your server immediately.