Bella’s  8.5

House vodka & strawberry liquor, lime juice muddled with

fresh strawberry & basil leaves shaken and stained

Old Fashioned  8.5

Choice of bourbon whiskey, bitters, brown sugar & orange zest served short over ice

Cosmopolitan  8.2

Absolut Citron shaken with triple sec, fresh lime & cranberry juice. Finished with a flamed orange rind

Mojito  8.2

A large measure rum combined with fresh lime, sugar & mint. Served long over crushed ice & topped with sods water

Bramble  8.2

Bombay gin with lemon juice & sugar  syrup shaken and strained in ice topped with Chambord liqueurs

Caipirinha  8.2

Cachaca with fresh muddled lime & sugar served in crushed ice

Daiquiri  8.2

One of the originals rums shaken with lime juice & sugar. Served straight up

Sour  8.2

Spirit of your choice soured with fresh lemon juice, bitters, a dash of sugar & egg white

Tom Collins  8.2

Old Tom gin, simply mixed with lemon juice, sugar & soda water

Pina Colada  8.2

Rum deliciously blended with fresh pineapple & coconut cream

Margarita  8.2

Tequila shaken with triple sec & lime. Served straight up on the rocks with a salt rim

Negroni  8.2

Gin stirred with Campari & Martini Rosso. Served short over ice

Expresso Martini  8.5

Absolut vodka & Kahlua coffee liqueur shaken with a shot of expresso

Porn star Martini  8.5

Vanilla vodka shaken ice cold with passion fruit pure, Passoa liqueur & a hint of citrus. Served straight up with a shot of bubbles on the side

Skinny Sally  8.2

Bombay Sapphire gin muddled with cucumber ribbons, apple juice & agave syrup

Long Island  8.2

A powerful combination of vodka, gin, triple sec, tequila, rum, lemon juice &coca cola

Moscow Mule  8.2

Vodka churned with fresh lime, angostura bitters & a dash of sugar. Lengthened with ginger beer

English Rose  8.5

Mix of house vodka & rose liquor, elderflower syrup muddled with fresh blueberry’s pomegranate juice shaken

Dark & Stormy 8.2

Dark Rum with fresh lime, angostura bitters & dash of sugar, lengthened with ginger beer


Classic Champagne cocktail  9

Brandy, brown sugar & bitters toped up with champagne

Sloe Gin Spritz  9

 Super refreshing Sloe Gin, prosecco & soda with  some fruit and a spring of mint

 Classic Champagne cocktail  9

Brandy, brown sugar & bitters toped up with champagne.

Aperol spritz  8.5

Aperol lengthened with prosecco & soda. Served over  ice with fresh orange